Fieldwork is over… for now!

This fieldwork phase has concluded, marking a significant milestone in our project’s progression. Now it’s time to focus on analyzing the data the team had gathered.

Wraping up fieldwork

As this fieldwork mission reaches its final stretch, the team is closing excavation locations, and Zimuara A3 has been completed!

Prospection day!

Today, the team set out on an archaeological prospecting day trip in Mozambique, with the aim of identifying new areas for excavation.

Discovery of a flint point

During the fieldwork, an exciting discovery was made — a flint point. This ancient artifact, crafted from flint, provides a glimpse into the rich history of human civilization in the region. The flint tip, meticulously crafted by skilled hands, showcases the resourcefulness and ingenuity of our ancestors. Its smooth, elongated shape suggests its purpose as …

Ongoing fieldwork in Mozambique

In the landscapes of Zimuara, Mozambique, part of the DISPERSALS team continues the fieldwork. With their expertise they keep exploring this rich and historically significant region, to help piece together the migration and dispersal dynamics of the lives of those who came before us.

Field Survey in Mozambique

Part of the ERC-DISPERSALS team was in Mozambique between February 1st and 11th to prepare the first field campaign of the project that will start on April 30, 2023. During these days, the team met with the Director General of Cultural Heritage of Mozambique to organize all the necessary authorizations to carry out the fieldwork, …

DISPERSALS will deliver a fundamental perspective on the key processes that triggered migrations and dispersals within Africa

DISPERSALS will compare the human occupation and ecology between central Mozambique and eastern and southern Africa using a multi-scale approach based on the study of regional diachronic cultural traits. It will reconstruct regional population patterns, followed by comparative quantitative population genetics combined with GIS computational network analyses. The results will be then integrated through Agent-based …