Hello from Mozambique!

The Dispersals team was at Zinave National Park. Zinave is located in Inhambane Province and the Park is known for its rich biodiversity and conservation efforts.

Excavation begins

After a first round of preparation, the DISPERSALS team has begun the archaeological excavation at the site in Chessungalane, Mozambique!

Fieldwok season 2024

We are thrilled to announce the start of a new fieldwork season for DISPERSALS! Our team is gathering in Mozambique to continue the work started last year. Stay tuned for updates and stories from the field!

DISPERSALS Workshop in Faro

On April 25th to 27th, the ERC DISPERSALS team hosted a two-and-a-half-day lithic workshop in Faro, inviting experts from African Stone Age archaeology. One of the primary objectives of the DISPERSALS Project is to integrate data from South and East Africa to understand how Mozambique fits within and relates to these two centers of human …


DISPERSALS Project is at the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Annual Meeting in New Orleans! Jonathan Haws is presenting the exciting fieldwork results from 2023.

PhD Research Opportunity in DISPERSALS

DISPERSALS has issued a call for a PhD fellowship to study out-of-Africa migration. This opportunity entails examining lithic assemblages from Africa and/or the Arabian Peninsula to explore ancient human dispersal pathways. More info https://dispersals.icarehb.com/call-for-1-phd-research-fellowship/

New article: Unravelling human migrations – DISPERSALS Project sheds light on early Homo sapiens’ journey

The DISPERSALS project was featured in the 19th edition of the Project Repository Journal (PRj). This edition serves as a reflective milestone, capturing the journey thus far and casting the gaze toward uncharted yet to explore. Over a four-page spread, DISPERSALS unveils its objectives, context, proposed explorations, and the intriguing questions it aims to unravel. …

Fieldwork is over… for now!

This fieldwork phase has concluded, marking a significant milestone in our project’s progression. Now it’s time to focus on analyzing the data the team had gathered.

Wraping up fieldwork

As this fieldwork mission reaches its final stretch, the team is closing excavation locations, and Zimuara A3 has been completed!