Meet the DISPERSALS Team

Nuno Bicho

Principal Investigator

Professor Nuno Bicho received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from Southern Methodist Uni­versity, Dallas Texas, in 1992. He is currently a Professor of Archaeology and the Vice-Rector for Science and Culture at the University of Algarve.

He is the Director of the PhD degree in Archaeology at University of Algarve and was the founder and, until recently, Director of ICArEHB (Interdisciplinary Center for Ar­cheology and Human Behavior), and together with Shannon Mcpherron, developed and was one of the Editors-in-Chief of the recent Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology (Springer-Nature Group),

He specializes in Paleolithic ecodynamics and his research focused on prehistoric cos­tal hunter-gatherers of southern Iberia for the last three decades. More recently he has also developed research on the Mesolithic of the Tagus Valley and on the Stone Age of Mo­zambique and Sudan


Alvise Barbieri

Geoarchaeology, Geophysics
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Ana Gomes

Chrysophyta cysts, diatoms
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Ainara Sistiaga

Biomarkers (lipids)
U. of Copenhagen

Célia Gonçalves

GIS, Survey, Spatial analyses
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Frederico Tátá

Cave systems
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Gina Buckley

Stable/Radiogenic Isotopes
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Hugo Oliveira

Plant aDNA, ecology
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Jeffrey Rose

Modern human dispersals and desert adaptations
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

João Cascalheira

Lithics, survey and excavation methods
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Jonathan Haws

Medium and large fauna
U. of Louisville/ICArEHB

João Marreiros

Use-wear/residue analyses
U. do Algarve/ ICArEHB

Li Li

Computer modeling and quantitative analysis
U. do Algarve/ ICArEHB

May Murungi

Phytolith Analysis
U. do Algarve/ ICArEHB

Mike Benedetti

Fluvial and coastal qeomorphology + soils
U of North Carolina/ICArEHB

Mussa Raja

Sedimentary and geochemical analyses
U. Eduardo Mondlane/ICArEHB

Ricardo Godinho

U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Rui Martiniano

Ancient Human DNA
Liverpool John Moores U.

Sara Rhodes

U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Sahra Talamo

U. of Bologna


Daniel Martins

Phytoliths analyses
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Elena Skosey-LaLonde

Coastal environment
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Milton Chirindza

U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Roxane Matias

Charcoal, fire regimes
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Sarah Marie Foley

Isotopic analyses
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB

Takalani Dubayi

Data analyses
U. of Algarve/ICArEHB